Equestrian Director

YMCA Camp Wapsie


Under the direction of the Summer Camp Director, the Equestrian Director is responsible for properly organizing, planning and running a sound equestrian program.

  • Develop the equestrian program, in harmony with camp policies, objectives, procedures and ACA Standards.
  • Develop an equestrian program that has progressive levels. The program must teach safety first and proper riding and care for horses.
  • Develop the programming with an understanding that classes will need to continue in the event of rain or be adjusted.
  • Provide proper care for the horses, assuring that adequate food and water is always available, that they have a safe environment and are carefully monitored in terms of their health and any cuts or scrapes are attended to immediately.
  • Supervise the equestrian staff during their time at the activity and assure that they are performing their duties properly.
  • Provide and supervise an early bird program, daily noon ride, and any other special rides.
  • Budget and maintain records of direct and indirect and miscellaneous expenses of the total equestrian program.
  • Keep the tack clean, repaired and properly stored.
  • Arrange for hoof care, shots, vet visits as needed.
  • In the event that the horses get out of the corral, the equestrian director is responsible for the supervision of their return and assures that they are all returned without injury and that repairs are made to the corral.
  • Part of a committee to plan one world service event and one special day.
  • Participate in all courses, activities, classes, training, and planning sessions during pre-camp.
  • May supervise during the nighttime hours one of the leadership groups (CIT/LIT) as they are sleeping.
  • May help in any all camp activities when you do not have specific responsibilities with horses.
  • Create and maintain a harmonious, positive working relationship with fellow staff, YMCA Camp Wapsie campers and participants.


  • Must possess experience in developing an equestrian program, general horse knowledge and caring for the horses.
  • Must possess the ability to work with children and teach them proper equestrian skills.
  • Preferred applicant will be at least 21 years old and have certification or other endorsements in formal horseback riding instruction.
  • Enjoys working and interacting with people of all types and ages, with a special emphasis on children, modeling and utilizing the important core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 


Seasonal position: Late May-Mid August

Apply soon – position closes when filled.

To apply for this job email your details to keene@crmetroymca.org