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Wendy Thompson Y Strength Coordinator

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Q & A with
Wendy Thompson
Strength Coordinator

Q.  What are some things to keep in mind when starting a fitness program?

Take it slow and take it easy, use good form.
I always advise people to work with a professional who can help you focus on form.  Proper form will increase the efficiency of your efforts and reduce your risk of injury. Gradually, you can add more time, different exercises and weights to your fitness regimen.

Set goals and be realistic about time.
Reaching a healthy state of being takes time...it doesn't happen overnight.  Set small goals first. By setting small goals when starting off, those successes will help you achieve your larger goals. For example, set a small goal of an attainable weight loss at 2 weeks, with a bigger goal set for 6 months.

Nutrition is crucial.
What you fuel your body with makes a big difference.  Protein, fiber, green vegetables and of course, watch the sugars and fats.  Despite the hype of the carb-free diet, carbohydrates are necessary for energy. Consult a professional with questions when getting started.

Consistency is key! 
If you can't make it to the Y, how about climbing some stairs at home?  Push ups, body squats and other body weight exercises are hugely helpful.  The goal is to keep yourself moving.

Wendy can be found most days on the fitness floor at the Helen G. Nassif Y downtown.
You may email her at thompson@crmetroymca.org or call 319.366.6421, x400


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