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Income Based Membership

The heart of the YMCA’s mission is to reach out and serve all people in our communities…those who have financial resources to pay our established fees and those who cannot pay those fees and have financial need.

Because the YMCA is community-based and believes that its programs and services should be available to everyone, we offer an Income-Based Membership Pricing Program. This program offers a fee scale that is designed to fit the financial situation of each individual household in our community. We believe people should have access to the programs and services at the YMCA that nurture the spirit, mind, and body – regardless of their personal financial circumstances.

Through generous community donations, and significant support from the YMCA’s operating budget, last year the YMCA of the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Area provided over $900,000 in financial assistance for YMCA memberships and programs like school-age child care, youth sports, youth aquatics, and YMCA Camp Wapsie. This commitment to assist those in need helps us to build the character values that the YMCA strives to instill in all of its members, program participants, and staff: Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

What is Income-Based Pricing?

Exactly what it suggests – it is a way to work with families and individuals to assure they, too, can afford to have a YMCA membership, based on the gross annual income of their household. The program uses an incomebased rate scale that is designed so that all people may have access to the YMCA, regardless of income. 

Who does it help?

Our Income-Based Pricing Program serves the entire community. We most frequently have provided financial assistance to:

  • Youth and families referred by schools, churches,and other human service organizations and agencies
  • Adults and families who are either out of work, underemployed, or living on fixed incomes
  • Single-parent families
  • Individuals and families with significant extraordinary expenses such as high out-of -pocket medical expenses, repayment of school loans, and/or large child care costs.

How do I qualify/sign up?

The graduated income-based rate scale is designed for gross annual household incomes up to $60,000 (or an individual earning $50,000 or less). The scale is divided into income ranges and membership categories, which include:

  • Adult (age 23-64)
  • Active Older Adult (age 65 and older)
  • Couple Household
  • One-Adult Household
  • Household

Those with gross annual household income greater than $60,000 (or an individual earning $50,000 or more) are expected to pay the regular established YMCA fees. Households with gross annual incomes over $60,000 and significant extraordinary expenses may qualify for assistance and should discuss their particular situations with a YMCA Branch Executive.

Just bring your most recent 1040 tax forms to the Welcome Center of any branch to find out if you qualify and for how much!


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